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Enter your e-mail to sign up for our Bark! Bucks loyalty rewards program and our frequent buyer program! If you are an existing St PetersBARK customer, you’ve already been enrolled in the loyalty program so long as we have an e-mail address or phone number on file.

The Bark! Bucks loyalty program was created to reward our amazing customers. We appreciate you choosing to support our business and helping us grow! The Bark! Bucks loyalty program includes 2 ways to earn rewards, so explore below for details on how you can benefit.

The first way to earn is through our frequent buyer program. This program is offered for certain brands of dog and cat dry food, canned food, raw, freeze dried/dehydrated raw food, and cat litter (see the list below). Most brands have a “buy 12 bags, get 1 (same size bag) free” program. There are a few brands that require your bag to be purchased within a rolling period of 14 months. We’ve created a chart depicting our frequent buyer brands and other program details. Once you redeem a free bag, your card starts over automatically at zero.

We keep track of all the bags through our computer system, so there’s no need to save receipts or UPCs. Please contact us if you’ve got any questions!

The second way to earn rewards is through our points system where you’ll rack up 1 point per $1 spent at the store. Once you reach 250 points, you can get $5 off your order ($5 minimum purchase), or you may choose to wait until you reach 400 points to get $10 off your order ($10 minimum purchase). When you redeem a Bark! Bucks reward, your points will automatically start over.

We also offer a case discount, typically used for dog and cat wet food. Any 12 cans or pouches of the same size/category (ie large dog cans, small cat cans, dog pouches) will be discounted 5%. Feel free to mix and match brands within those categories! Please ask a Pack Member for details on case discounts for other products such as raw food.

Bark! Bucks cash rewards and case discounts may not be used together on the same day; however, free bags of food from the frequent buyer program may be redeemed in conjunction with either a case discount or a Bark! Bucks reward if one is available. Bark! Bucks points are not earned on any classes or services and Bark! Bucks rewards may not be used toward the purchase of a class or service.