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Written by Alexis, Pack Member and Krista, Owner

There never seems to be an off-season for the bugs that live in Florida, and flea and tick season is in full swing! Do you want to eliminate chemical pesticides from your pet’s flea & tick routine? You’re in the right place!

Being properly prepared is very important. We stock a great selection of effective natural flea and tick prevention because we know fleas can put up a tough fight. With these tools you are sure to send those buggers running without harsh chemicals!

1. Shampoos

Bathing your pet is the first step in the process of ridding your pets of these itchy critters. Our immediate recommendation is using a flea & tick shampoo if your dog or cat has an active pest problem. It’s important to eliminate the pests on your pet first before jumping to the prevention stage.

All of the shampoos on our shelf will kill fleas on contact and are safe for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks. We also have a cat and kitten safe flea & tick shampoo formula! These are safe to use over the course of a few days until you have completely eliminated your dog or cat’s flea problem.

  • Tropiclean Natural Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo. Tropiclean uses a blend of clove, lemongrass, cedarwood, cinnamon, and sesame essential oils to naturally kill and repel fleas for up to 7 days after the bath. Clove oil, cedar oil, and lemongrass oil are all natural insect repellents that work well together with the other ingredients to kill all life stages of the fleas on your dog.
  • Natural Chemistry Botanical Flea shampoo has a cat specific formula. Similar to Tropiclean above, they use a blend of cinnamon oil, clove oil, and cedar oil to kill fleas on contact and repel them for up to 7 days after the bath.

2. Internal Prevention

Once you’ve rid your pets of the pests, it’s time to prevent them from coming back. This option is also your first step if you’re trying to eliminate the monthly pesticide pills like Trifexis. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from customers is regarding replacing chemical flea & tick prevention with a natural and effective option.

As a staff we have tried multiple different natural options over the years and had a hard time finding something that really worked for our Florida bug-laden environment. We finally found a powder-based food topper from Earth Animal and we’ve been extremely impressed with its effectiveness.

Earth Animal offers 2 options for their powders. Both work from the inside out. Simply add the recommended amount of powder onto your pet’s food daily and the combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs will change the scent of your pet’s blood to no longer be appetizing to bugs.  Earth Animal recommends using the powder all year round since the longer the Internal Powder is ingested the more it builds up in your pet’s body, making it more effective over time.

Bonus: not only do these prevent fleas & ticks but they also work against other pests like mosquitos, gnats, and more!

We were so impressed by the effectiveness of the internal powder that we brought in Earth Animal’s Daily Herbal Drops. So, if your pet isn’t a fan of the powders the herbal drops might be a better way to avoid chemicals!

3. External Prevention

Finally, an awesome way to supplement your flea & tick routine is with a topical spray safe for both dogs & cats as well as a chemical free yard spray and in-home treatment option. We’ll go over Wondercide Cedar Oil productsDiatomaceous Earth, and Earth Animal’s topical flea prevention products as awesome natural external prevention options.

At St PetersBARK we love Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Spray. Wondercide harnesses the power of cedar oil to suffocate and kill fleas & ticks as well as repel them. This spray also fends off mosquitoes and is a safe natural option for human bug spray! We recommend using this in conjunction with the Earth Animal internal powder to fend off mosquitoes or any bug that decides to hop on your dog at the dog park.

The same Wondercide Spray you use to spray your dog and cat is also safe to spray all around your home. We usually recommend spraying your pet’s favorite spot on the couch, their bed, and high traffic areas in the home. It’s safe around kids, puppies, and kittens, and it smells awesome!

Watch this handy video to see how to apply Wondercide on pets and around your home!

For your yard, Wondercide also has a concentrated or pre-mixed formula for you to use as a yard spray to let those fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes know they are certainly not welcome in any area. This is a great way to replace your monthly chemical lawn spray with a natural lawn pest prevention option.

Another external prevention option is Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a fine powder made from the sediment of fossilized algae found in bodies of water. It kills insects by cutting through their exoskeleton and dehydrates them from the inside. You can sprinkle some DE right onto your pet’s fur to kill any fleas living on your dog. You can use it internally to get rid of parasites inside your dog as well!

Important precautions: Be sure to only use “Food Grade” and avoid getting it into the eyes of your pet. You can follow this guide to remove fleas from your pet and home.

If you wanted to give fleas a real 1-2 punch then using Earth Animal’s Herbal Flea & Tick collars and/or their Herbal Spot On drops with their Internal Protection would be your answer. Both products use Virginia Cedarwood oil, Peppermint oil, and Almond oil to repel insects while leaving your pet smelling nice and minty. In addition to helping fend off the fleas, almond oil aids in protecting the skin and supports maintaining the ingredients efficacy during and after rainfall. The oils used in the collars and drops will fend off fleas, ticks, mosquitos, as well as other biting insects and won’t be a nuisance to your dog.

Final notes

Remember that, especially when going the natural route, consistency is going to be key! It may seem daunting going chemical free, but your pet and our soil will be thankful. As mentioned throughout the article, we carry all of the listed products so feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further information!


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