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We’re Hiring!
We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring a Pack Leader!

About you, the candidate:

Our ideal candidate will be similar to our Pack Members but with the drive, work-ethic, dedication, and level headedness of a fantastic leader. You describe yourself as a self-starter and independent worker. You are so organized that you joke about how many planners you have.

Our ideal candidate is incredibly passionate about helping customers solve problems and improving the well-being of their dogs and cats.  Candidates must be able to provide exceptional, courteous service no matter what and be comfortable dealing with people (and pets!) of different temperaments and personalities.  Pack Leaders should be even-tempered, detail-oriented, dependable, and efficient. Finally, we are seeking a loyal candidate that has the desire to grow with us long-term as we expand and mature.

Does this sound like you? Great, continue to learn more about the position.

About the Position:

The position will start at 20-25 hours a week.  Starting pay is $13 per hour, with the opportunity to increase following the 90-day probationary period and assessment. This person must be available on most Saturdays and Mondays. We anticipate this position growing into a full-time, competitively salaried position by early 2019.  If this does not interest you, please do not apply!

In our opinion, a Pack Leader can only manage a Pack Member if they’ve been one so the vast majority of the Pack Leader’s first 90 days will be our standard Pack Member training. However, a few advanced tasks will be taught during the initial training period as well. After the first 90 days has passed and the Pack Member duties have been mastered, more leadership tasks will slowly be taught to the Pack Leader..

In your first 90 days we expect our Pack Leader to perform and master the following tasks:

  • Assisting customers the St PetersBARK way

  • Plan and Prepare for store events

  • Express confidence in problem-solving skills when assisting a customer

  • Manage Inventory including creating purchase orders, entering in inventory, stocking, counting, etc.

  • Ensure the store is “retail ready” every day (cleaning, merchandising)

  • Record video blogs

  • Assist with marketing activities including social media and off-site events

  • Engage in various and never-ending in-store projects of a creative nature

Eventual duties and responsibilities:

  • Submit credits to our suppliers on a weekly basis

  • Performing inventory cycle counts

  • Ordering from all of our 4 major suppliers and direct vendors

  • Build relationships with all of our brand representatives

  • Manage the schedule and approve time sheets

  • Take over all of our 4 main suppliers ordering

  • Deal with customer issues

  • Work very closely with the owner to create, update, and develop processes

  • Assist manager/owner with strategic changes and decisions

Desired and Required Experience:

  1.  Must have some managerial, team lead, or supervisor experience
  2.  Must have some form of ordering or inventory management experience
  3.  Must have retail experience
  4.  Must have your own dog and/or cat
  5.  Must be comfortable and competent while working with computers and standard technology/software suites including Windows and MS Office
  6.  Must have a high school diploma or GED education level or higher
  7.  Must love smiling and engaging with customers no matter what is going on personally
  8.  Must be able to lift 50lbs or more multiple times a day
  9.  Must be able to work on your feet for hours at a time
  10.  Must feel comfortable around dogs and cats of any size or demeanor
  11.  Must have an unwavering passion for healthy pets, meaningful sales, customer service, and problem solving
  12.  Bonus: Pet product knowledge and passion for high quality, natural pet care

About our workplace culture:

St PetersBARK has a very unique workplace culture that we are very proud of!  St PetersBARK is a fun, playful workplace full of exciting challenges and opportunities. In the span of your shift you will encounter no less than 5 dogs every day that are eager to accept a treat from you. But this is more than just a job where you pet dogs and ring customers up.

We strive to create a workplace where employees benefit from the success of the business and are treated as valuable contributors to our shared mission. All of our Pack Members & Leaders will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and build your resume during your time here. We want you to feel fulfilled, respected, and valued every single day through the tasks that you complete. We constantly check-in with each other and provide feedback to each other to build a better and more amazing workplace and experiences for our customers and staff.

How to apply:

First, call 727-245-0116 to complete a pre-interview application. Then, submit your resume and contact information to barkjobs@stpetersbark.com or with the form below. Note, you will NOT be considered for this position if you only send us your resume without completing the pre-interview application.



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