Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Honest Kitchen foods are an awesome alternative to kibble feeding. Each box or cup is packed full of non-gmo, human grade certified ingredients all without any preservatives, fillers or gums. The Honest Kitchen works extremely well for picky dogs, folks that love to travel, backpack, and camp since it’s dehydrated and lightweight. It’s an amazing option for raw feeders to keep safe in case of a power outage like we had last year with hurricane Irma. This food is also a great option for people to serve their dogs if they have been home cooking for a while and they want to introduce something similar to save time that they can 100% trust.

Honest Kitchen comes in boxes of 10, 4, or 2 pounds. Each box rehydrates to roughly 4 times its original weight so the 10lb box makes about 40 pounds of food! Recently they released a very clever 3oz cup which we display in our canned section. This lil’ cup gives you the option to try the food on a very small scale before getting the larger boxes. To feed, simply stir in warm water to rehydrate your dog’s daily serving and patiently wait 3 minutes to serve. You can’t go wrong with Honest Kitchen since they put a lot of love into their food.

This March and April we’ve got an awesome promo going on where each cup sells for 99 cents! So stop by and try it out.