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Written by St. PetersBARK Staff

We’re heading into the Florida rainy season now, and rainy days mean less time spent outdoors – which means more bored and agitated pups pacing around the home. So to help brighten the dreary days ahead we’ve asked three awesome local dog trainers to help us out with some tips on how to keep our dogs busy and happy!

Amanda Hanson recommends keeping their bodies and minds active by teaching them a new trick, or dusting off the ol’ cobwebs on a long forgotten one. Stimulating your dog’s mind is important on any day but is especially important on a day spent cooped up at home. Practice the place command with their bed and lots of yummy treats to give them somewhere to go when they get a little anxious. If you want to challenge them with something new, there are great YouTube channels that have step-by-step videos on how to teach your dog unique tricks, including “Roll Over” and “Take a Bow”. 

If your dog already has a full repertoire of tricks up their sleeve, Amanda suggests practicing them to increase the duration of the command. “Sit and Stay,” “Down and Stay,” and ‘Watch Me!’ commands are the sort of tricks that come in handy when you least expect it; practicing the duration of these commands could help in a stressful situation!

Don Hoover recommends puzzle toys to get your dog through the rainy day blues, and we have plenty of options at the shop! Nina Ottosson is a favorite brand of ours and makes amazing puzzle toys that are bound to keep them entertained. Or you can grab an umbrella and stop by for one of his drop-in group training classes. His facility is located right on Central Avenue!

Jessica Montero recommends filling their favorite feeder toy with a delicious frozen treat. Freeze plain yogurt, Answers cow kefir or goat milk, pumpkin, or peanut butter (Super Snout’s Nutty Dog CBD Peanut Butter is an awesome option that we carry in store!) in their toy and voila! Kongs work well for this trick, and your pup will thank you for the cool snack. You can also find a bunch of fun tasty recipes online that are healthy and safe for your dog!

Note: In this video Krista highlights some AWESOME options for toys and chews that you can fill with all sorts of yummy goodies that your dog will LOVE.

  • 1… 2… 3… Come find me!

For the last tip, we call on the classic children’s game of Hide-and Seek. All three trainers recommend hiding treats or toys around the house, and encouraging your dog to put their detective skills to the test! Just make sure to go easy on them if it’s their first time playing, not every dog is a retriever (lol). If all else fails, nobody here will ever pass down some snuggles and a long nap on a dreary day with (wo)man’s best friend. Depending on the quantity of fur around, you may not even need a blanket! 

Many of the products mentioned can be found in store or on our online shop. We hope these tips will help to make the rainy days ahead a little brighter!