Application for Pack Member

Hiring is currently closed! (updated 5/11/24) check back with our site, social media, or newsletter to find out when we’re hiring again. 

After reading the job description, please take your time filling out the form at the bottom to allow us to get to know you a little better before inviting you in for an interview. We take spelling, grammar, and details seriously here so please take your time. 

About the Position:

  • TBD hours a week
  • Starting pay of $TBD per hour (negotiable based on experience)
  • Must be available at least 1 weekend day a week + some weekdays

In your first 90 days we expect our Pack Member to perform and master the following tasks:

  • Assisting customers the St PetersBARK way 
  • Express confidence and grace in problem-solving skills when assisting all customers
  • Accurately manage inventory including stocking lots of dog food bags and receiving our big restock orders
  • Ensure the store is “retail ready” every day (cleaning, merchandising)
  • Engage in various in-store projects & events (onsite and off site)
  • Snapping photos of our adorable visitors and posting on our social media pages

After the first 90 days the Pack Member will be evaluated to ensure that they are comfortable and confident with all aspects of the Pack Member position.

Desired and Required Experience:

  • Must have customer service experience
  • Must be comfortable and competent while working with computers and standard technology/software suites including google sheets and organizational tools
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED education level or higher
  • Must be able to lift 50lbs or more multiple times a day
  • Must be able to work on your feet for hours at a time
  • Must feel comfortable around dogs and cats of any size or demeanor
  • Must love smiling and engaging with customers
  • Must have an unwavering passion for healthy pets, meaningful sales, customer service, and problem solving
  • Bonus: Pet product knowledge and passion for high quality, natural pet care

About you, the candidate:

Our ideal candidate is outgoing, personable, and has fantastic customer service skills.You are a fast learner with passion and dedication to small, local businesses as well as pet health and nutrition. You describe yourself as energetic, efficient, dependable, and open minded. We are looking for a well-balanced pack member who is able to engage with customers and staff in a busy workplace but who is also equally great at sitting quietly and focusing on assigned tasks.

Our perfect Pack Member is incredibly passionate about helping customers solve problems and improving the well-being of their dogs and cats. Pack Members should be even-tempered, detail-oriented, dependable, and a good multi-tasker. Finally, we are seeking a loyal candidate that has the desire to grow with us long-term as we expand and mature.

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