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Hey St PetersBARKers! We wanted to bring attention to a great raw food option for cats. We know firsthand how picky cats can be, and it can be frustrating to find a food that is good for their health and good for their appetite. If raw feeding is something you’ve been wanting to try out, or if you just want to try something new and unique, we absolutely recommend Answers Detailed raw formulas for cats and their cat-friendly supplement line.

Why raw food for cats?

Let’s start by discussing why raw is a great option for cats. Those little hunters are obligate carnivores, which means they literally need meat to survive. Meat protein provides the essential amino acids that their bodies cannot synthesize, like taurine, arginine, and retinol. Additionally, cats really don’t need grains or carbohydrates at all. For those reasons, a good raw food is comprised of meat, fat, organs, and bones: just like the prey they would find in the wild! The limited processing of a raw diet means that the nutrients are more readily available to their body too. As a final note, raw foods are packed with moisture. Cats have difficulty compensating for a lack of moisture in their diet if they’re only eating dry kibble, since out in the wild their prey would be already be pretty juicy. Moisture plays a big role in urinary tract health as well as digestion, and for that reason we will always recommend substituting a dry diet with canned or raw food at least a few times a week.

What does Answers have on the menu?

Their raw cat food formulas provide felines with all the meaty, juicy goodness that they deserve. The line features three grain-free, minimal ingredient formulas: chicken, beef, and turkey. Beyond the meat, organs, and the triple-ground bone, all three formulas include organic eggs, fermented raw goat’s milk, and fermented cod liver. With such high amounts of animal protein, you can be sure that taurine will never be in short supply! Sticking to the the theme of all natural ingredients, Answers uses montmorillonite clay to add in the trace minerals every cat needs. The last items on the menu are carrot fiber, sea salt, and vitamin E supplement; there’s no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors or dyes here! Answers also has a rockin’ fermented supplement line that includes Goat Milk, Cow Kefir, Fish Stock, and Turkey Stock. They are the perfect addition to any diet if you want to add a powerful probiotic to boost your cat’s digestive and immune system health.

Answers goes the extra mile

Answers’ passion of providing proper pet nutrition is equal to their commitment to sustainable and humane ingredient sourcing. The key to good food starts at the farm, but responsible farming practices aren’t exactly the norm; Answers partners with small, family-owned farms that go the extra mile to raise their animals in a traditional manner and treat them with the respect they deserve. They are raised organically on a non-GMO diet, in an environment free of cages. The fish they source are sustainably caught, the cows and goats are pasture-raised and grass-fed, and their turkeys enjoy tasty meals of grass and bugs. In this way, Answers provides a healthier, tastier, and guilt-free food for your cat (or cats, we don’t judge).

Still not impressed?

Answers is the first company to use fermentation as the processing method for their food; most other companies in the raw food business use High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), a process that subjects the food to high amounts of pressure in order to kill off harmful pathogens and bacteria. It has been argued by some that while HPP kills off the bad bacteria in the food, it can also destroy some of the nutrients (denaturing proteins is an example).On the other hand, fermentation allows good bacteria to prosper and live happily in the food, while ensuring that there isn’t enough space for any bad species to grow. Because there is no kill-step to fermentation, you can be assured that all nutrients are present in the final product. Fermented foods are great for the gut health of our pets (and us humans too!), because there are many kinds of beneficial bacteria that help maintain a healthy digestive tract. A healthy gut makes for an easier time in the litter box and helps prevent hairball formation!

Want to learn more?

With so many options available to cat owners, it can be difficult to recognize what makes a good cat food. Answers’ dedication to pet nutrition, sustainability, and quality shines in everything they do, with great benefit to our pets. If you’re interested in checking out Answers but you’re not sure where to start, they also make some pretty rad Goat Cheese treats: same fermented goodness in an easy-to-feed, tasty form. For more information about Answers, raw feeding, or if you just want to chat about the joys and woes of having a cat, feel free to stop by the shop. Also, Answers will be at the shop October 2nd for an educational seminar taught by Billy Hoekman, the Nutrition Science Director for the company. The event is listed on our Facebook page, RSVP to save yourself a seat!  

Up next: How to transition your cat to raw food 

Is your cat literally the pickiest creature on the face of this Earth? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog that will discuss kitty feeding tips and tricks. No more buying a plethora of bags and cans in hopes that one will please their palate!