Please fill out the form below if you wish to book a time with our knowledgeable pack members where we will discuss and create a custom diet with treat, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations that best suits your dog or cat’s needs as well as your budget. Of course you may always simply stop by the shop to discuss without filling this out and we’ll be very happy to help! This form is intended to help us get a complete picture on your pet’s issues, dietary requirements, exercise, and more. With that we are able to take our time and create a very thorough, valuable, custom list of recommendations ahead of seeing you at the shop!

Please allow us up to 1-2 days to get back with you to set up an appointment. We want ample time to review your request and formulate suggestions to best fit your needs.

PS: You will receive $5 off your purchase of $40 or more after booking & completing an in-store consultation!

Dog or Cat Food Consultation

  • Tell us about your pet

  • To help answer this question take a look at this chart.
  • Some ideas to help answer: Are they in a crate all day? Do they go to doggy day care, how often? Do you go on walks, how long and how often? Do you play games inside, what and how often?
  • Some ideas to help you answer: twice daily, once daily, free feed, etc.
  • Be extremely specific please! Brand, quantity, any add-ons, etc.
  • Again, please be very specific! What treats, how many, table scraps, do the kids feed extra stuff, etc.
  • Be extremely specific here. Does your pet have any allergies? Do they have seasonal or year round environmental allergies? Do they get hot spots regularly? Is their coat dull and dry? Do they have urinary infections regularly? Do they throw up often? Do they get constipated or diarrhea easily? Do they have a sensitive stomach or an iron stomach? Any anxiety? Auto-immune issues or other conditions such as diabeties?
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