Pet Food Consultation

We are excited to offer a more organized way to discuss your pet’s dietary needs through our brand new Pet Food Consultation program. If you want help choosing the best diet for your dog or cat including food, treats, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations we’re here to help! This could range from help with finding a good diet for your diabetic dog, or cat with allergies and everywhere in between. We look forward to assisting you.

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Quarterly Non-anesthetic Dental Cleanings

On Oct 3rd 2021 Natural Veterinary Services FL will be here to perform non-anesthetic dental cleanings, allergy testing, and a few other holistic services. To learn more about the procedure and services as well as see if your pet is a candidate for non-anesthetic dental work visit their website.

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Monthly Nail Trims

On the third Sunday of each month we host the team from Farley Pet Care to provide nail trims for dogs and cats. Farely Pet Care uses time blocks, instead of individual appointments. While signing up, you will select your top two preferred time blocks and they will contact you to confirm which time block you will be in.

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