Saturday Nail Trims

This event takes place every Saturday by appointment only. Services are provided by Pawsitive Pinellas.

Appointments can be made by clicking the button below to choose a date and time as well as pay in advance for contact-less payment.

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Monthly Low-cost Vet Clinic

The Community Vaccine Clinic is here on the 3rd Friday of each month from 1:30 PM-3 PM. They offer a variety of low-cost vaccine options for pet parents as well as wellness exams and prescription parasite products.

Click the link below to learn more about their offerings as well as pricing.

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Quarterly Non-anesthetic Dental Cleanings

On Oct 25th 2020, Jan 3rd 2021, Apr 25th 2021, July 11th 2021, Oct 3rd 2021 Natural Veterinary Services FL will be here to perform non-anesthetic dental cleanings, allergy testing, and a few other holistic services. To learn more about the procedure and services as well as see if your pet is a candidate for non-anesthetic dental work visit their website.

To book an appointment for one of those dates please click the Book Now button below.

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